How to Contact Gap Canada

The Gap is one of the world’s known American worldwide clothing and accessories retailers. Behind Inditex and H&M, Gap is the third largest international retailer in the world and the top one in the US.

The company’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, and the current CEO as of writing is Sonia Syngal.

History of Gap

Don Fisher, a specialist in retail store locations as a real estate broker, has been inspired by his social friend Wally Haas Jr. – president of Levi Strauss & Co. It started when Fisher was inspired by the sudden success of ‘The Tower of Shoes’ business model of Levi’s in Sacramento, California in 1969.

Fisher asked Haas to have a copy of the business plan, where he was referred to Bud Robinson – the Director of Advertising. Later on, Robinson and Fisher worked out a legal test plan and became The Gap, a name given by Fisher’s wife Doris. They started to sell only Levi’s products then later included LP records to attract teen customers.

The first Gap store opened on August 21, 1969, in Ocean Avenue, San Francisco. It was only in 1974 when Gap began selling private-label merchandise. In the 90s, under the leadership of Millard Drexler, Gap had an upscale identity and revamped its inventory.

There were controversies about the leadership and management of Gap, but it still enjoyed success in international markets including in Canada. It was even one of the 100 Most Ethical Companies as listed by the Ethisphere Magazine, a for-profit company that measures and promotes corporate ethics in 2007.

How to Contact Gap Canada through Phone

The customer service department of Gap Canada can be reached by phone by dialing 1-800-GAPSTYL(E) (1-800-427-7895). Customers who would like to contact a specific retail store can see the link below for Gap Canada’s Store Locator. To reach the TDD hotline (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf), dial 1-888-906-1104.

How to Contact Gap Canada through Email

Gap Canada’s customer service can also be reached through email by sending a message to [email protected].

How to Contact Gap Canada through Postal Mail

Customers who would like to send a postal mail to the company can use the address below. Make sure to include appropriate contact details and necessary information about the concern. Response from the company may take a minimum of 7 business days.

Gap Canada Customer Service

9500 McLaughlin Road North

Brampton, ON

L6X 0B8, Canada

How to Contact Gap Canada through Social Media

The company has official social media accounts that are verified with a blue checkmark. Followers can see fashion inspirations, promotions, and new arrivals on the platforms as well.

Facebook: (The platform is location-based, only those with access to the internet or a server from Canada can access Facebook specifically for the Canadian market)


Instagram: (There is no specific Gap account for Canada)

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