How to Contact Toys R US Canada

Toys R Us is one of the most well-known toy stores internationally that started in Washington, D.C. Most of these stores were corporately owned, but in some countries, Toys “R” Us licensed the trademark to a local corporation, resulting in privately owned and run stores. The rise of online marketplaces such as Amazon and hypermarkets affected the sales of toys over time.

History of Toys R Us

Founder Charles Lazarus started a baby furniture retailer in Washington D.C. named Children’s Bargaintown in April 1948. The first Toys R Us was from the shift of furniture to selling toys exclusively in June 1957. The store was opened in Rockville, Maryland.

Lazarus was also the one who designed, including the stylization, of the Toys R Us logo. The ‘backward’ R is created to make an impression that a child wrote it. Later on, it was acquired by Interstate Department Stores, Inc. in 1966.

Along with its continuous expansion in the United States, it conquered a foreign market in September 1984 by opening its first international wholly-owned store in Canada. In the same year, the company also licensed operations in Singapore.

The toy store further expanded through opening different branches and provided licenses to operators and franchisees all over the world. The American company first filed bankruptcy in 2017 and through the years, the company tried to keep two stores open.

Unfortunately, the remaining 2 locations in the United States are closed by 2021 due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian counterpart was sold to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited and still operating under the same brand.

How to Contact Toys R US Canada though Phone

There is no phone number dedicated for Toys R Us Canada’s customer service, but customers who would like to reach a specific retail store can use the link below to access the store locator and the corresponding contact details.

How to Contact Toys R US Canada through Email

Customers would like to send an email to the customer service department through  [email protected]. Alternatively, they can also fill up a Contact Us form through the links below.

For General Inquiries:

For R Price Match Request:

How to Contact Toys R US Canada through Live Chat

Users can access the live chat support of Toys R Us by clicking the ‘Live Chat’ button on the lower right part of the screen. Necessary details will be required before the chat will be initiated.

How to Contact Toys R US Canada through Social Media

The toy store can also be contacted through social media, however, the only verified with a blue checkmark is the Facebook and Instagram accounts. The Twitter account is also the company’s official account as seen on their eCommerce website.




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