How to Contact Travelocity Canada

Currently owned by the Expedia Group, Travelocity is an online travel agency that is the third most popular website owned by the company. The Expedia group also owns and, websites that also offer travel solutions to its visitors. is the first website that helps customers to purchase travel tickets at the best prices directly to airline companies. The website also offers other travel solutions like car rental, vacation packages, and other related services.

History of Travelocity

Travelocity started in 1995 as a joint venture between travel technology company Sabre Corporation and private technology company Worldview Systems Corporation. The idea started in 1994 when Worldview had an idea for an extension to their online database offering distributed with Sabre and other websites.

Worldview’s founding team formed a joint venture with Sabre, which resulted in the growth and launch of Travelocity in 1995-1996. Other investors of Worldview such as the American media company Advance Publications, Inc. and telecommunications company Ameritech Corporation (now AT&T Teleholdings Inc.) sold their stake in Travelocity to Sabre Corporation.

A partnership with AOL made the site gain more popularity in 1999. When the company was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Sabre owns 70% of the company. The company acquired various travel-related websites through the years, then, later on, sold some of its acquired businesses to the company.

It was in January 2015 when Travelocity was sold by Sabre to Expedia, Inc., for about US$280 million. American reality show ‘The Amazing Race’ has Travelocity its long-lived sponsor. Tour East Holidays (Canada) Inc., a Québec licensee, represents in Canada.

How to Contact Travelocity Canada through Phone

The company can be reached through the phone numbers showing below. The phone numbers listed can accommodate inquiries regarding flights, hotels, vacations, car rental, things to do, feedback, and travel alerts.

1-855-231-0930 – Local toll-free number

+1 417-520-5277 – Callers from outside Canada (Charges may apply depending on the service provider)

How to Contact Travelocity Canada through Live Chat

The customer service department of Travelocity Canada can also be reached through live chat support. Click on the ‘Help’ button on the lower right portion of the page, and a chat box will open. A virtual agent will greet users to help to find answers on the Frequently Asked Questions first, then will be connected to a live agent once available.

How to Contact Travelocity Canada through Social Media

Travelocity can be reached through social media, however, the accounts are based in the US but can serve Candian customers as well.


Twitter: (Available 24/7 through Direct Messaging)


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