How to Contact Staples Canada

Staples Canada Inc. (also known as Bureau en Gros in Quebec) is an office supply retail chain owned by Sycamore Partners and have their headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It is currently the largest office supply chain in Canada founded by Jack Bingleman.

History of Staples Canada

Staples Canada Inc. is first known as The Business Depot Ltd. that was established in 1991 by Bingleman. He later opened Bureau en Gros in 1993 that is located in Quebec.

In 1994, the American equivalent bought the entire Canadian business. The company now started opening stores  under the same name as the American counterpart ‘Staples: The Office Superstore.’

Staples later changed the name for the English-speaking market to ‘Staples Business Depot’ and retained the same name ‘Bureau en Gros.’ The conversion is completed in 2001.

In 2008, the company dropped the ‘Business Depot’ in their name to avoid confusion with its competitor Office Depot. The decision was due to 2 reasons – first was to make the US and international stores carry the same name and to use the same merchandise packaging.

This eliminates the use of packaging dedicated to the Canadian market only, including those of Bureau en Gros. In the same year, the company acquired Corporate Express where it caters to larger corporations and now named ‘Staples Business Advantage.’

A decade later, the Canadian office store company revealed a new logo and slogan: ‘Work. Learn. Grow’ in 2018. In the same year, Staples Canada launches in Toronto and Kirkland two new brand-defining stores.

How to Contact Staples Canada through Phone

The customer service department of Staples Canada can be reached at 1-905-737-1147.

How to Contact Staples Canada through Live Chat

Staples Canada also has live chat support by clicking the ‘Help’ red button that can be seen on the lower right of the screen. A chat window will open, where a chatbot will ask to type the inquiry. It will try to filter inquiries that could be answered from the Frequently Asked Questions. If not, a ‘Get In Touch’ button will directly connect to a chat support representative. It will require name, email address, and message before

How to Contact Staples Canada through Email

The dedicated email address to reach Customer Service is [email protected]. On the other hand, customers may use the form in sending a message using the link below. There is also an option to include an attachment for further support of the concern.

How to Contact Staples Canada through Postal Mail

Customers who would like to send a postal mail to the company, kindly use the address showing below.

Staples Canada Home Office

6 Staples Avenue

Richmond Hill, Ontario

L4B 4W3

How to Contact Staples Canada through Social Media

The office supplies company can also be reached through social media. All of the accounts below are verified with a blue checkmark.

Facebook: (Can also be reached through [email protected])



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