How to Contact Kijiji Canada

Kijiji is an online classified listing that also includes their car classifieds section, Kijiji Autos. Kijiji is actually from the Swahili language which means village. The term is appropriate for the site as the website listing separates the ads from different cities. First-time visitors will be asked to choose their location to see posts that are nearby to them.

History of Kijiji

Kijiji was launched in February 2005 as a start-up as an eBay subsidiary in Canada. It started in Quebec City and Montreal until it finally became available across the country in November 2005. While the company is completing the availability all throughout Canada, the company was able to acquire in May 2005 another online classified service from the UK named Gumtree.

The following year, the company completed the acquisition of from Germany, where it merged with Kajiji in other German-speaking countries Austria and Switzerland. The company continued to acquire other online classified websites from different countries. However, some Kijiji websites are rebranded under the name of eBay.

The introduction of ‘Kijiji Autos’ was in July 2018. Another international online classified website operator – Adevinta – expressed their intent to buy the eBay Classifieds Group. It is still considered as the top online classifieds listing website in Canada, compared to their competitor Craigslist. A report from Media Metrix in August 2018 revealed that the website had more than 16 million unique visitors per month and growing.

How to Contact Kijiji Canada through Phone

Kijiji Canada does not have a phone number dedicated to customer support. The other channels showing below should be able to reach the customer service department.

How to Contact Kijiji Canada through Live Chat

Kijiji Canada customer service support (including for their Autos division) can be reached through live chat by clicking the link below. Scroll down to the ‘What can we help you with?’ section and select a topic. If the articles showing from the Frequently Asked Questions list do not provide the answer the user is looking for, scroll down and click the ‘Contact Us’ button.

Provide the details required (like Kijiji Ad ID, Message, Name, and Email address) until reaching the last page. It will show an option for chat support. It is available on weekdays from 8 am to 11 pm EST and weekends from 10 am to 6 pm EST.

Kijiji Canada:

Kijiji Autos Canada:

How to Contact Kijiji Canada through Email

The company’s email support for both the general website and Autos division can be accessed through the same link and process as the one for live chat. Please be reminded that the message entered on the first page after clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button will be the one sent to the email support team. The company promises to respond as soon as they could.

How to Contact Kijiji Canada through Social Media

The popular classifieds website can be reached through social media, where all accounts are verified by a blue checkmark to separate them from other similar or bogus accounts.




For the Kijiji Auto division, here are their verified social media accounts.




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