How to Contact Canadian Tire

Headquartered in Toronto, Canadian Tire (also known as Canadian Tire Corporation Limited) is a retail company that focuses on automotive supplies and accessories. It also sells hardware items, sports-related products, leisure, and houseware sections. The company is also familiar with its ‘Canadian Tire Money’ that works as the brand’s loyalty program using paper coupons that mimic banknotes.

History of Canadian Tire

Canadian businessmen and brothers named John William Billes and Alfred Jackson Billes invested a total of $1800 to the Hamilton Tire and Garage Ltd. in Toronto. The company usually purchases tires during the winter season and resells them in the summer season where it is busier. The Billes’ decided to open a retail store in Toronto.

The growing need for tires in 1927 incorporated the name Canadian Tire Corporation Limited. The first Canadian Tire catalogs, which included price lists and road maps, were published in the following year. The first Associate Store was opened in Hamilton in 1934. To fund the expansion, they decided to become a public company in 1944 by selling 100,000 shares.

There is a total of 110 stores across Canada in just a year after being a public company. To discourage union formation among employees, the company implemented an employee stock purchasing plan. One of the notable growths of the company is through the first gas bar in 1958 in Yonge and Church streets in Toronto.

This started the Canadian Tire money that gives customers an in-store discount. They also acquired a small financial services company named Midland Shoppers Credit Limited in 1968. It was later renamed the Canadian Tire Acceptance, Limited. It has been followed by several acquisitions of different companies – even in another industry such as clothing.

How to Contact Canadian Tire Through Phone

Customers of Canadian Tire can call the company by dialing 1-866-SHOP-CTR (1-866-746-7287) for online customer support. For corporate customer relations, call 1-800-387-8803 for an English-speaking representative or 1-800-565-3356 for French speakers. Other phone numbers that customers may find important are the following:

1-888-727-7478 – Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

1-800-459-6415 – Canadian Tire Bank

1-800-226-8473 – Triangle Rewards (can be reached through weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm, both EST)

Customers who would like to specifically reach a local store can browse through their website and see the phone number on the details. Store locator link can be accessed online through the link showing below.

How to Contact Canadian Tire through Email

Canadian Tire does not have a dedicated email address for customer service, but customers may fill up a contact form by clicking on the link below.

How to Contact Canadian Tire through Postal Mail

Those who would like to send a postal mail to Canadian Tire can use the address showing below:

PO Box 2000, Station Main

Welland, ON L3B 5S3

How to Contact Canadian Tire through Social Media

The company can also be reached through their official social media accounts, verified with a blue checkmark.




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