How to Contact eBay Canada

Founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995, eBay is now a successful American eCommerce platform that has a presence in different countries such as Canada. The ’90s was considered the beginning of the internet, and one of the few companies that were able to find success in the ‘Tech Bubble.’

The company serves business-to-consumer as well as consumer-to-consumer transactions, as the company’s success is credited to the sellers on the platform. eBay Canada will soon launch an Authenticity Guarantee program starting for sneakers, as some sellers carry counterfeit items on the website.

History of eBay

Omidyar started the business and originally named the platform as AuctionWeb in September 1995. The computer programmer of Iranian-American descent founded the website in California, USA. It was reported that the site is only a hobby for Omidyar by selling items to other website visitors.

Until his service provider required him to upgrade his account due to the high website traffic. The person-to-person transactions became popular as the website boomed. It was in September 1997 when Omidyar decided to change the name to, from his consulting company named ‘Echo Bay Technology Group.’ Unfortunately, the domain was already taken so he used instead.

Rumors also stated that eBay was founded to help Omidyar’s fiance to trade Pez candy dispensers. It was later found out that it is a publicity stunt by the company’s public relations manager named  Mary Lou Song. Due to this rumor, there was significant growth in the website for toy collectors.

In the new millennium, the company has the greatest number of user databases among all other eCommerce websites. The company continued to acquire other businesses through the years and started expanding to different countries. One of which is Canada, which became one of the well-known eCommerce sites with a local office in the country.

How to Contact eBay Canada through Phone

The company does not have a dedicated phone number for customer service. However, there are other different communication channels available below.

How to Contact eBay Canada through Live Chat

eBay Canada’s customer service can be accessed through live chat. Use the link below and choose the appropriate category. In the upper left part of the page, there is a ‘Chat with us’ link with the waiting time indicated below it.

Log in to the eBay Canada account is required to access the service. For those who used PayPal for payments and would like to inquire about a concern, there is also a link below it and indicated as ‘Contact PayPal’.

How to Contact eBay Canada through Email

There is no dedicated email address for eBay Canada, but the same link used to access live chat to fill up an email form. However, only eligible topics and categories can be sent with an email. It will also be seen on the upper left part of the page.

How to Contact eBay Canada through Social Media

The company has official social media accounts based on their website. Both are verified with a blue checkmark.




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