How to Contact Sport Chek

Currently, the largest Canadian retailer of sporting goods is Sport Chek with 191 stores and counting. The retail stores have a minimum of 20,000 square feet, being one of the largest groups of retail spaces in Canada.

Shoppers appreciate Sport Chek’s wide selection of merchandise with better prices. FGL Sports own other sporting retailer brands including Sport Mart Inc.

History of Sport Chek

The history of Sport Chek can be traced back to 1974 when a single outlet named Forzani’s Locker Room was launched by four Calgary Stampeder football players. John Forzani, one of the Canadian Football League (CFL) players, was inspired to open an athletic shoe store.

 It was from his observation that Calgary does not have a single outlet for athletic shoes, where players were forced to buy a pair in the United States. He has invited his brothers – Joe and Tom, including Basil Bark (a teammate) to pool their money to start the business.

Forzani dedicated himself full-time to the retail business after retiring in the football season of 1977. After a year, the company reached CA$1 million and expanded its operation into seven store chains. It was in 1991 that Forzani incorporated The Forzani Group Ltd.

Forzani saw the need to close more acquisitions to be more profitable and completed the acquisition of Sport Chek International Ltd. in 1999. The company Sport Chek is considered to be the first Canadian retailer to venture into the sporting goods superstore. FGL Sports was bought by Canadian Tire in 2011 for reportedly $771 million, then proceeded with restructuring.

How to Contact Sport Chek through Phone

Sport Chek’s customer service can be reached through the phone number 1-877-977-2435 and choose option 2 for online support and press 3 for retail support. The online support line is open on weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm, and Saturdays & Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.

On the other hand, the retail support line is open on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm. Timings are both on Eastern Timing. Customers who would like to contact a specific retail store, use the store locator link that can be seen below.

How to Contact Sport Chek through Email

Customer service of Sport Chek can be reached through email by sending a mail to [email protected].

How to Contact Sport Chek through Postal Mail

Customers who would like to send postal mail can use the address showing below.

110-205 Quarry Park Blvd SE

Calgary, AB

T2C 3E7

How to Contact Sport Chek through Social Media

Sport Chek can also be reached through their official social media accounts, which are all verified by a blue checkmark. Users can also see health & exercise tips, items on sale, new arrivals, and other related content on their social media accounts.




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