What are Customer Service Values and How to Integrate Them?


Successful companies know how to prioritize customer service value. Their focus on customer-centricity demonstrates how customer service ideals can have a much further effect on a company’s success. Today, principles are at the core of an organization’s customer experience culture. Executives use them to guide all decisions, including hiring new employees. Companies that place a … Read more

Live Chat Support – Processes, Tips & Ideas

live chat

Most customers reach out to companies for support by either calling the customer support team, visiting the office, or the dedicated support center of the business. Few customers who seek support do not have an idea of how live chat support can also provide them with the same level of satisfaction compared to in-person or … Read more

What is NPS and How to Use It?


Loyal customers are more likely to bring new customers to the business. Whether the product or service they availed matched their needs or impressed with the customer service, customers turned avid fans will recommend based on their preference and experience. Companies measure this by computing the Net Promoter Score (NPS). What is NPS? The Net … Read more

Handling Customer Complaints – The Right Way

Customer Complaints

When someone says that nobody’s perfect, the same goes for any business. There will definitely be a complaint, regardless of the industry or field in which the company operates. The task of the customer service team is to address those complaints and satisfy the customer as much as possible with the solution. If the customer … Read more

How To Measure Customer Service Return on Investment (ROI)?

Return on Investment

Business both risk and investment at the same time. Owners invest their hard-earned money and use their names to acquire financial loans to start the business or get additional funds. However, not all business operations necessarily mean earnings. One of the departments that do not directly contribute to the income of the company is the … Read more

What is Customer Experience? Examples and Tips


Everyone, at one point in their life, became a customer. In stating this fact, some would be thinking about their most memorable customer experience. This is why companies should start focusing on customer experience – a happy customer can become a loyal customer and even bring new ones through word-of-mouth advertising. What is Customer Experience? … Read more

Great Tips For Automating Customer Support

Automating Customer Support

Businesses are infusing more technology in their operations. It is faster and more efficient, reserving their employees to do more complex tasks that would require human intervention. Even though it can be very expensive, these systems can future-proof the business in terms of providing customer support. ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) is an example of automating … Read more

Great Tips for Improving Customer Service

tips for customer service

Due to the changing customer needs, the way customers should be treated is evolving too. Companies adapt by constantly improving their staff’s customer service skills. However, this move requires the staff to have the initiative to implement them to each and every customer interaction. The following tips can help those working in the customer service … Read more